Tuesday, 14 February 2017

A Grand Wee Blast . . .

A great wee blast from a concerned Scot . . .

As someone who studiously avoids anything to do with any sort of British awards – from airheid luvvies gushing on aboot their careers to jingoistic gong hunters – it was heartening to see Ken Loach break the mould at the Bafta awards with his remarks about the heartlessness of the British Government and their punitive actions on the poor, while pandering to their wealthy chums.

Not the usual stuff audiences get to hear aboot – aftershave, mascara and thanking their producers and mammies for their career boosts.

Compare it to the scented fitba player complaining that his manager misled him aboot huvin’ tae dae charities and support the Bitter Togethwer campaign to get his knichthood.  An independent Scotland should have no need for these imperialist class-based hand-me-down “honours”. If we must have honours, make the system something we can all respect and appreciate and maybe even be proud of.

Donald Anderson, Glasgow.
The National

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