Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Way We Live Now . . .

Some time ago we watched a BBC series about Claridges Hotel in London. Google tells me that this must have been in December 2012. In one episode we saw a man who claimed he came to Claridges every morning for his breakfast.  Now going straight, he was quite open about his less than straight past.  More Googling discloses that his name was Gerry Parker, that he was then 85 years of age and was, or had been a bookmaker, "who once did time for possession of a sawn-off shotgun, who has had breakfast at the hotel every day for almost 40 years."

In the course of his chat with the interviewer he was asked about his former life and how it compared with his present one.  He replied very forthrightly and came out with the statement that since he went straight, and mixed with straight people he had seen more dishonesty and illegal activity than ever he did before.

At the time this seemed a sort of amusingly outrageous thing for an old codger to say live on TV, but 4 years later, after the EU Referendum and the facts about the people involved that have come to light and are still coming to light, followed by the presidential election campaign in the USA, and now the new presidency itself, it seems that his remarks were all too correct, and far from being outrageous they were pretty "matter of fact".

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