Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Reinventing the wheel . . .

This Brexit thing is very weird.

Mrs May et al bang their heads repeatedly against a brick wall. They find that it hurts.

Someone suggests that felt padding round the head might alleviate the sensation and the pain.

Another says that perhaps the wall should be reconstructed using softer bricks.

"Stand further away", opines another.

"Banging your head against a brick wall never hurt like this before we went into Europe", says a third.

"Ahem, excuse me", says a little old lady passing by "what appears to be the matter ?"

"We are banging our heads against this brick wall", says one.

"It is the will of the people", says another.

"Well", says the little old lady, "simples, stop banging your heads against that wall and go home and have a think".

"We can't" they all cry, "it's the will of the people".

"No helping some folks", says the little old lady, and goes on her way.

* * * * *

All the things which "must" be achieved in our divorce settlement according to various government ministers and other pundits already exist, tried and tested - and would continue if Brexit were stopped immediately. But, No ! it is the will of the people (itself a lie) so we must go on with the destructive misery as we try to concoct a totally new version which is exactly the same. And, alas, as usual, it is not Mrs May and her colleagues who will suffer if it all goes wrong.

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